Not many things stand the tests of time as flags have done. For centuries, they've symbolized nations and beliefs. However, as technology has made its way into our lives, new venues have arrived for flag display. Meeting this need, we carry royalty free pictures and clip art in the form of cell phone wallpapers, desktop backgrounds, screensaver options, icons for aim (AOL Instant Messenger), avatars and more in our vast vector graphics image library of flags. Whether you're downloading pictures to print on clothing or a clip art flag for use on a website, we've got a huge selection for you to download and do with as you please, and the best part is--it's all FREE!

The National Flag of Canada, often referred to as the "Maple Leaf" has three stripes, two red stripes with a white box in the center and a large red maple leaf centered on the flag. It can also be referred to as a red flag with a white square with red maple leaf centered on the flag. This flag was adopted in 1965 and was the first time a national flag was officially adopted to replace the British Union Flag. The flag was designed by George F. G. Stanley, who based the design on the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada. It was first flown on February 15, 1965 and the date is celebrated annually as National Flag of Canada day. The changing of the flag was controversial as many Canadians wanted to maintain the Canadian Red Ensign, which had the Union Jack in the canton (upper flag-hoist quarter) and the Canadian Ensign in the fly (farthest half of the flag from the mast). The Royal Union Flag, (the Union Jack) is also an official flag of Canada signifying Canada's membership in the Commonwealth of Nations and it's allegiance to the Crown.

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